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Falling long. A fall does not end. Perhaps it is a reward for all the offenses, which I have for her miserable life committed. On many people. Even at Elke. But I do not regret. I am reconciled to the loss of the being and the very essence of the senses and body. I never give up. I never apologized. I never said that all is lost. I never tried to run away. Even now. Miss Death called me and I came. Or maybe it was someone else who told my queasy enough habits and manners and disgusting flings, which I perpetrated on others. And my sweet Elke.
Fall, which has no end? Is it possible to fall and not land? Perhaps I fall empty until you express regret for all my actions.

A dirt that I left behind for their loved ones. I guess I fall forever. Up until my lips blued so that I will not be able to express regret and apologies. Or until my belief goes away, it’s not worth desiring to sustain their lives. Unfathomably repent their sins to be forgiven selfish god who leaves his faithful in the lurch when they need help? Also, I needed help. And nobody gave me a helping hand, did not. Therefore, I will repent before any belief, no authority or force majeure. No I was not going to help.