Trula Green World

And now, in this moment of immense and the gulf, nor seek any help. Perhaps it is blasphemy. Perhaps ordinary defiance. Maybe defiance end. Who knows?

Whether it’s as though he wants. I will not let you take the only thing I have left. Even after the horrors I endured, crimes which I committed, wrongs, to which I contributed their own vile lie. After all my repulsive shy. Even at Elke. My sweet, which she left me even in the darkest moments of my speeches nefarious secrets. After all I do not take one. – Ability to freely fall. And to lie somewhere in the boundless space, or conservation tillage posthumous landscapes. And listen to the voice of my dear Elke, who sings in a soft voice. Velvet alto. She sings with grief. Or consolation that her life took a new dimension without my being. Dimension to breathe freely. Live freely. Maybe.

But through it after all. The only thing I can not God, judge or other authority, deny. I lived to fulfill the purpose of being. I finished the task. And now I can fall freely get lost in the depths of not-being and end this endless fall eternity.