Trula Green Nature

I fall. And I never miss. I do not call for help because all we’ve sought is done. Your purpose in life I met. I found it so now I can throw all the weight of the being. I fly through my head all my life I’ve lived. My Elke, for which I breathed. Her face hides many sweet moments and passions. It’s full of secrets that I discovered it many times and losing her again. My sweet Elke, I shall not see.
I fall. Again and again I hear her voice. Velvety and deep. He sings. Accompanies absolution, which I arrived and which I raised his eyes in horror. Still singing.

I fall. All physical desire and very existence is a thing of the past, which absorbs perfect depth. Above me. A hundred times I despised her, but I appreciate the grandeur and its natural strength that crushes me today.