Trula Green Castle

The last Fall. I am falling. Seconds horror seem like eons and even the wind that suddenly my Fitzi around his temples, he can not stop what has already been done. It seems that it all has to end. Lashes sharp cutting weapon past me in the eye insincere tears and I’d like to wake up from a dream that became my life.

I fall. Infinite depth of feelings of guilt. I caused life itself. Freezing mouth tremble dumb own shouts and bursts of data, images and sounds intersect at a single moment boundless. I see a formless shadows crouching at heights akin goals. I tried to reach them.
I fall. Icy fingers trying to grab an empty darkness, toward which I fly. Helpless, at the mercy of the courts acts and meaning of existence floating vaguely like haze immediacy of the cold face of Mother Earth.