Trula Green At Night

I fell many times. And it was always different. I was falling to the bottom emotions, finances, authority and love. But never before. I never did not fall to the bottom of life. Anyway, for me, meant something. Whether good or bad, uplifting or oppressive. None of them, however, he did not leave even the soul imprint. I always have fully recovered. Not today.

I know that this is the final fall. I left behind a lot of errors, mistakes and crimes. And I do not regret them. I do not regret anything that I did or did not do. I would not change my life. Just for Elke. For her I was once willing to give everything I was capable of. But today I do not. I feel your own heart beating in your chest or breath that initially mrznul me on the lips. Neither his body do not feel like a part of myself that just falls somewhere in the depths of abysmal moments of truth or falsehood. Who knows what will happen after death?

Paradise or anything else. Or just boundless emptiness hanging in the air like a quiver of arrows rotten rusty spikes that Eros forgot to wipe.